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Somatic psychotherapy is a form of therapy that combines traditional talk therapy with a focus on the body and somatic experiences. It recognizes the connection between the mind and body and emphasizes the role of the body in psychological well-being.

The word “somatic” refers to the soma, which encompasses the physical body, including sensations, movements, and physiological processes. Somatic psychotherapy recognizes that our bodies hold and express emotions, memories, and traumas. By bringing attention to bodily sensations and exploring the physical aspects of psychological issues, somatic psychotherapy aims to promote healing and integration on multiple levels.

Somatic therapy can include breath practices, simple movement practices, and exploration of sensations and movement impulses to learn more about how your system responds to external and internal cues. Learning how to identify and attend to the state of your nervous system can help create a physical experience of safety. Supporting your body in processing stress and trauma gently and safely can increase your sense of well being, access to peace, and general satisfaction in life and relationships.

Clinicians :
Carrie Griffin, DO
Jane Moran, AMFT