The Center for New Growth is fully prepared to welcome you into our new beautiful home on September 18, 2023.
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Our Team

Carrie Griffin, DO

Physician and Trauma Therapist

Carrie performs medical clearance exams, in person ketamine assisted psychotherapy sessions (IM, IV, SL), integration sessions and follow up visits for home-based ketamine therapy patients.

Mariel Bosserman, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Mariel performs medical clearance exams, and follow up visits for home ketamine patients both in the office and via telehealth.

Michael Fratkin, MD

Palliative Care Specialist

Michael has worked for decades in an effort to bridge the psychedelic science to the care of people and their families facing the psychospiritual challenges of serious illness, approaching death, and complex grief.

Evonne Halligan, LMFT

Integration Group Therapist

Evonne facilitates a weekly in person integration circle for all ketamine patients on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 7 pm.

Randee Litten, BSN, RN

Nurse Manager

Randee coordinates ketamine patient intake and manages in office IV ketamine infusions. She will be the person starting your IV if you come into the office for an IV session.

Jane Moran, AMFT #134593

Integration Therapist

Jane offers Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (both psychedelic and psycholytic) and integration, as well as somatically-oriented, holistic psychotherapy (non-KAP) for individuals, couples, and youth. Jane is also the Group Coordinator for Center for New Growth.

Melissa Sandeen, LMFT

Integration Therapist

Melissa is a trained ketamine assisted psychotherapist, and provides preparatory sessions for all patients. She offers in office ketamine assisted psychotherapy sessions (IM, IV, SL) and integration sessions.

Molly Turner

Office Manager

Molly is a certified doula and massage therapist who is deeply rooted in our community with a heart to connect and support people and their journey to healing and wholeness.

Lennea Wendlan, MSN, RN

Infusion Nurse

Lennea is an Infusion Nurse and has Bachelor’s degrees in both biology and psychology, graduating with her MSN in 2007. The majority Lennea's career has been spent in emergency nursing.

Serena Malkani, M.A.

Serena Malkani, M.A. is an internationally recognized sound ritualist and clinical Ayurvedic advisor.

Jen Flores, BA, RYT-200

Psychedelic Integration Coach & Care Coordinator