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Michael Fratkin, MD

Palliative Care Specialist

Michael D. Fratkin, MD is a father, husband, brother, son, and palliative medicine physician. He has been dedicated to the well being of this community for nearly 30 years. Approaching life and the practice of medicine with love and respect, Michael is a builder, an innovator and a dreamer.

He has been a transformative and provocative voice for improving the experience of people and families facing serious illness while ensuring that the meaningful professional experiences of those providing care are held in equal importance.


Standing on a foundation of inspiration and burnout, Dr. Fratkin previously built ResolutionCare as a way to expand access to home based palliative care to people and families coping with serious illness and, sometimes, an approaching death. He has worked for decades in an effort to bridge the psychedelic science to the care of people and their families facing the psychospiritual challenges of serious illness, approaching death, and complex grief.

Now he is inspired to begin a journey at the Center for New Growth to practically bring the benefits of psychedelic therapies to these same folks. Working with Dr. Griffin, an evolving non-profit organization based at the Center, and community leaders, Dr. Fratkin is specifically motivated to expand access to anyone that might benefit from these healing therapies.

Michael is also a national leader focused at where psychedelic therapy meets palliative care, he has been the Chair of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, “Forum on the Safe Use of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy”, and an original board member of the Board of Psychedelic Medicine and Therapies. Dr. Fratkin remains committed to ensuring that people facing serious illness and end of life issues have safe access to all therapies that may ease suffering, invite healing, and stimulate growth.

Center For New Growth

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