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Lisa Hoyt

Nurse Practitioner and Registered Herbalist

Hello! I'm Lisa Hoyt and I've been immersed in the practice of healing for four decades. I began my healing journey in the 1980's studying Western herbalism and massage and later created both a mobile massage and herbal consult practice. My healing work was so life-changing that I made the decision to attend nursing school at Humboldt State University to integrate my holistic approach within the medical system. After practicing as a RN for several years, I went back to school at UC Davis School of Medicine to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. I've practiced in many places including rural urgent care centers, primary care settings and student health at Cal Poly Humboldt, always adding an integrative approach to my practice.

I find it essential to go beyond conventional medicine and address health concerns holistically by integrating all parts of the person when developing a healing plan. To support this goal, I have also done advanced training in Ayurveda, Western Herbalism, Nutrition, Detoxification programs, engaged in the study and practice of wiccan traditions, and Shamanism. After recently completing a program through the School of Applied Functional Medicine, I offer functional medicine consultations as well. This method of practice addresses the root causes of symptoms and balances the body's basic needs to provide a physiological environment conducive to healing.