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Ketamine Therapy Finanicing Options

One of the biggest concerns for people interested in pursuing ketamine assisted psychotherapy is that this service is currently not reimbursed by insurance carriers. Our practice does not take insurance given the lack of coverage of this kind of care. We are, however, committed to making this treatment as accessible as possible and suggest the following ways of funding your treatment course.


Upon request, we can provide people with private insurance (all insurances other than Medicaid/Partnership and Medicare) with superbills also known as medical invoices.

To find out how much your insurance may reimburse for an out of network provider we recommend calling and using the following script:

“I am planning to see an out of network clinician. The procedure codes they are going to use will be 99205, 99215 and 90837. How much will I be reimbursed for each code?”

Insurances cover a range of reimbursement from 0 to up to 100% depending on the plan.

Care Credit

Care Credit is a credit card that is specifically for medical, dental and veterinary costs. We are a registered Care Credit practice and you can apply to find out about your eligibility for this care here.

Go Fund Me

We recognize that there’s complexity to this route of funding and that asking friends, family and strangers to donate to treatment is a vulnerable act. Living in a country that does not have offer universal health care coverage or supports mental health treatment is an ongoing source of structural trauma. Acknowledging these deficits, we have had patients fund their care this way in the past and accept that this can be one avenue to care.

Center for New Growth Pro Bono Treatment

We offer a series of pro bono IV services for a total of six sessions to any singular patient at a given time. Patients are still responsible for the cost of their medical clearance exam, preparation session and any integration sessions. If you are interested in this option, please email and ask to be placed on the waitlist.