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IFS is a unique and highly effective therapeutic model that delves into the inner workings of your mind and emotions.

In IFS therapy, we explore the idea that each individual possesses a multiplicity of inner “parts,” each with its own thoughts, feelings, and unique characteristics. These parts often operate in complex ways, influencing our behaviors and emotional responses. IFS provides a structured and compassionate framework for understanding and harmonizing these internal parts, allowing you to achieve greater self-awareness and emotional balance.

IFS therapy also emphasizes the concept of the “Self,” The Self is considered the core, undamaged essence of a person, characterized by qualities such as curiosity, compassion, calmness and clarity. The goal of IFS is to help clients access and strengthen their Self, which brings leadership and harmony to their internal system.


Giving space to each of these parts, understanding their motivations and fears, and allowing burdened parts to be witnessed and to release the burdens that they have carried from past traumas can allow greater harmony in the system as a whole. Mediation for your inner conflicts leads to an increase in inner peace. This is a widely used therapy for addictions, eating disorders, and all kinds of situations where “one part of me wants one thing and another part wants something else.”

Clinicians :
Carrie Griffin, DO
Jane Moran, AMFT