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Having provided routine women’s health and obstetric care for over a decade, Dr Griffin recognizes both the power and the limitations of a Western medical approach. For women experiencing common gynecologic issues, such as heavy or irregular periods, infertility or pelvic pain, she offers a whole person approach to care that includes Western management, herbal and dietary recommendations in addition to psycho-spiritual exploration of the concern at hand.

Early in training, Dr Griffin observed that women’s sexual complaints – such as low libido, inability to orgasm and pain with sex – were not adequately addressed, if they were at all, by allopathic medicine. Her work with Layla Martin, Monika Nataraj and others in the field of sexual coaching has provided her with techniques and ways to explore these common and distressing experiences for women with safety, gentleness and efficacy.

Clinician :
Carrie Griffin, DO