The Center for New Growth is fully prepared to welcome you into our new beautiful home on September 18, 2023.
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We are pleased to offer transformative breathwork as part of our comprehensive approach to emotional and mental well-being. Breathwork is a powerful modality that harnesses the breath’s potential to promote healing, emotional release, and self-discovery.

In a Breathwork sessions, our experienced facilitator guides you through various breathing techniques designed to release tension, unlock emotional blockages, and cultivate a deeper mind-body connection. By consciously altering your breath, you can access buried emotions, reduce stress, and enhance your overall mental and emotional health.

Our Breathwork sessions are tailored to your unique needs, whether you’re seeking stress relief, emotional healing, or personal growth. This modality is particularly effective for individuals dealing with anxiety, trauma, or those simply looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. At our practice, we provide a safe, nurturing space for your Breathwork journey, empowering you to tap into your body’s innate capacity for healing and transformation.

Clinician :
Jen Flores BA, RYT-200